4 Top Features of the Best Kydex IWB Holster for Glock 19

The fact that insecurity has increased in recent years is undeniable. The good thing is that a good number of people aren’t taking it lying down. It explains the sudden rise in the interest in personal defense. Today, more than ever, individuals are carrying handguns in preparation of life-threatening situations, and this is a good thing. Knowing that you aren’t entirely helpless when an emergency arises gives one some peace of mind.

It is the growing interest in personal defense that has occasioned a considerable demand in holsters – particularly, inside the waistband holsters (IWB). An IWB holster is a select type of holster that uses a wide variety of hooks to go inside your waistband. Its compact size makes it concealable and comfortable, making it an ideal choice for personal defense cases.

If you’ve already started shopping around, you must have realized that there are many different brands of IWB holsters. The process of choosing the most appropriate can be confusing and time-consuming if you don’t have sufficient information. This post aims at taking away the confusion and also saving you the endless hours you would have spent searching for the best Kydex IWB holster for Glock 19. It is for someone who has already settled on the material aspect (prefers Kydex to any other).

It highlights the most important features to consider. They include;


Comfort should be one of the very first aspects you think about when looking for the best Kydex IWB holster for Glock 19. For concealed carry holsters, this feature may make or break it. Buying a Kydex holster that is not comfortable for you to wear gives you a reason not to wear it. As such, it is imperative to put comfort above everything else. The weight of the holster affects the comfort equation as well. Since you will be wearing it the whole day, choose a lightweight holster any day.

Ability to Conceal

To what extent can your IWB holster be concealed? Does what you wear matter? Determine how you dress most of the days. If you are always in t-shirts or shorts, you are better off with IWB holsters that come with J-clips or C-clips. These clips allow under-the-belt tucking, and in turn, making your holster almost unnoticeable.

Depth adjustability and Cant Settings

For the majority of people, this feature doesn’t count, and its absence may not stop them from buying a Kydex holster for their Glock 19. However, it is a good thing to have adjustable depth as well as cant settings. Some people love it when their holsters ride a bit higher than usual, and some incline to lower depths. The fact that your mileage may vary from time to time necessitates a holster that you can adjust when need be.

Correct fit

The best Kydex IWB holster offers the right fit. Several factors come into play. First things first, buy a holster designed to accommodate the type and size of your gun. The right fit is also dependent on carrying positions. The most common choice is the hip carry. However, other people have a preference for small-of-the-back or appendix options. The best choice is adaptable and with the potential to accommodate many carrying positions. This way, you can change your carry style whenever you want.

The benefits of finding the best IWB holster cannot be overemphasized. These tips should help you find a good IWB holster.

Everything you need to know about baby eagle holsters

What is a baby eagle holster? Baby hah! Let the name not fool you. This name is merely a nickname for the Desert Eagle Pistol, A sophisticated piece that demands competency for use.

Baby eagle holsters are accessories use to hold handguns in position through restricting undesired movement. They are attached to the waistband, belt, or any other piece of clothing that will provide ease of access if needed.

What was behind the design of baby eagle holsters? (different from the Jericho holsters) The design of the holster is made with comfort in mind. How do you ask? Well, the materials used are designed to function in cohesion with the body. Research has provided the ability to develop a holster that can change its form with ease on the body. For instance, the cloak Mod OWB paddle holster can easily be changed from a paddle holster to a belt slide holster

They are made using ballistic nylon which reinforces their durability, spring steel which offers support on the body and leather, which means that it’s going to fit your body the more you wear it.

Ammunition storage capacity

Baby Eagle Holsters come mostly in single and double magazines which can fit into any holster. This will help save on extra cost. What are some of the benefits of using the baby eagle holsters?

  1. As mentioned earlier, their design is for comfort. They, therefore, will not be an irritant when carried along.
  2. They are very discreet. Their small size allows for anonymity when carried.
  3. They have room to carry at least two magazines. This saves on cost and proves reliability.
  4. They can fit in various parts of the body. Therefore, they can be carried around in any mode of dressing as long as there is a piece of clothing for attachment.
  5. Their design allows for ease of access as well as perfect weapon retention.

How cost effective are baby eagle holsters?

First, cheap is expensive. There are things in life that you cannot afford to go cheap on. When it comes to holsters, it is a requirement that you go for the best leather. Something that will work for you with loyalty. Take into consideration how often you will need to carry the gun. If often, then you will need to use leather that does not wear off quickly.

Take into consideration your body. Cheap leather is often fake. Holsters are most often in contact with the body. Having artificial leather might cause irritation, which adds unnecessary medical expenses.
Most important is that artificial leather/cheap holsters are not easy to conceal. They are also not reliable and can lead to unintended discharge, which is dangerous.

Best Commando Boots

If you are in the market for a great pair of commando boots, here are 4 reasons why you should choose the Garmont T8 Bifida!

  1. Durable Upper
    Durability is usually one of the main factors when it comes to commando boots and in this field, the Garmont T8 Bifida excels! The leather and suede of which the upper is made are of very high quality and offers great protection against heat, cold, rain, dirt and anything you throw at them.
  2. Vibram Outsole
    This special material is very strong and durable and has very good resistance to abrasion. It features hard wearing soles which will resist even the hardest terrain so you don’t have to worry about them failing on you after years of usage! This feature makes them very popular among uniformed personnel and people who are interested in extreme sports.
  3. Quick Dry
    Nobody likes having wet feet, especially people who spend a lot of time outside in wet surroundings. These boots are made of a quick-drying material, with great ventilation properties, which will keep your feet dry. The suede and leather upper will also dry very quickly.
  4. Price
    We are used to playing a lot of money for high-quality products and because of that these boots might surprise you! They are quite affordable for most people and will also last for a long time so you don’t need to worry about replacing them any time soon. A bonus feature is that they come in 2E width so people with wider feet will have no problem finding a pair that suits them.

All in all, this is a very good and high-quality pair of boots that will meet the demands of most people which are in the market for this sort of boot, offering great protection, comfort and durability for a good price!

Things to know before spring comes

No matter what you do or wherever you are, it’s nice to know that spring is coming March. Ireland a great place to see spring at its best. The beautiful setting is the perfect place for spring flowers and plants, and in the hilly terrain, there are forests and arable fields that protect wild birds and novices. The green color of Ireland, green, is the color of spring, so if you are ready for a new spring break, take a short jump to the island of Ireland.

Here are some of the things to really know about the island of Ireland since spring is coming and it’s very pleasant in Ireland.

No spring is complete without a beautiful narcissus. This magnificent bright yellow flower creates color spots in gardens, parks, and fields. For a better spring tour, the reality is gained by Narcissus at Coleraine. This is an amazing and rare collection of more daffodils species which are largely grown in Ireland.

Nothing is more aspiring to the sour like seeing new flowers and spring plants. Watch for seasonal flowers in Irish gardens, parks, and fields cultivated flowers such as anemones, hyacinths, or wildflowers such as cherry blossoms, and heather. Toward a special spring day, attend the Irish Run Gardens such as Baltimore, Spring cherry alley a storm of colors.

Spring lambs are a sincere mark that spring has come and can be seen on many farms everywhere Ireland. Bally Quinton, a Farm in Portaferry, County Down, is an example of non chemical farming and is located on land at the end of the Ards Peninsula. For a family day, tour the family farm like Navan in County Meath. Cattle and sheep, and you can see the animals, find out what really works on the farm before concluding your tour in Ireland.

It is a fact that spring is coming in March and the above tips are some of the things you should know before your holiday in Ireland.

Lists of Relative Positions in The Army

The primary reason for the existence of the army is to serve the state and protect its citizen. It’s not easy to get into army work. It is contemplated as the toughest job for it entails life and death. A requirement for hard work, commitment to the task, patience, discipline, and lots of other values are demanded to triumph and attain a high position. If you desire to enroll in it, you must first comprehend the different ranks within it. Below are lists of relative positions in army ranks.

Admiral of the fleet
The fleet admiral sometimes called grand admiral is an army maritime official of the highest rank. In many states, the position is chartered for formal engagements or wartime. It is usually a position above admiral which is currently the most elevated position in peacetime for officials in active service. It’s generally retained by the highest ranking admiral of the whole maritime service.
Admiral is one of the highest positions in some Maritimes. It’s often acronym as “ADM.” This position is mainly thought to have emerged in Sicily from a fusion of Arabic. In the United States and Commonwealth countries, a “full” admiral is identical to a “full” general in the military and is overhead the deputy admiral and beneath grand admiral.
Vice admiral
This is the highest ranking maritime flag official rank. It’s identical to air Marshall and lieutenant general. A deputy admiral is commonly high ranking to a rear admiral and subordinate to an admiral. In many Maritimes, deputy admiral is a three-star position with North Atlantic treaty organization charter of OF-8. Though in some Maritimes such as French maritime, it’s an OF-7 position.
Rear admiral
This is a maritime commissioned official rank overhead that of a brigadier and captain, and beneath that of a deputy admiral. It’s mostly considered as the modest of the admiral positions which are occasionally called flag officials. In numerous Maritimes, it’s known as a two-star position. It emerged from the days of maritime gliding squadrons and can unearth its conception to the royal navy.

5 Health Benefits of the Military Diet Besides Weight Loss

The idea behind the military diet was born out of the fact that anyone can stick to a three-day diet without any limiting hassles. In many instances, this diet has been associated with weight loss and that is pretty much what many people know about it. However, it has several other health benefits as explained here:

It helps minimize cravings
In the beginning, you will have to struggle with cravings, especially if you have been feeding on high-sugar foods and simple carbs. Individuals who are used to having a drink or two during dinner time will also experience some level of difficulty during the first few days of observing the military diet. Thankfully, the cravings will reduce significantly, once you are able to hack the first cycle of the diet. Also, you will be in a position to ditch your usual heavy meals and instead, feed on smaller portions, and in turn, reduce the urge to overeat during meal times.

It keeps diabetes at bay
Medical practitioners and nutritionists caution diabetics against adopting this diet, mainly because of the dramatic reduction in the calorie count. However, people with no diabetes can harvest significant benefits as far as preventing the development of the disease is concerned. The high protein approach and high fiber content of the diet boost the body’s ability to effectively process the sugars obtained from fruits and ice cream. In turn, your body will not produce excessive insulin that accumulates in the blood, resulting in diabetes.

It enhances the heart function
How would you love a better functioning heart? Adopting this diet can give you exactly that, thanks to its intermittent fasting feature. Fasts protect the heart by increasing adiponectin levels – a protein that the body uses in the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates.

It helps to prevent particular cancers
The calorie restriction linked to the military diet and the fasting goes a long way in reducing the chances of developing some types of cancer. A couple of animal studies have revealed incidences that point to this conclusion, such as longer survival following the treatment of tumors as well as decreased rates of cancerous cells.

It is completely free to join
Besides buying your food, you do not need to pay up registration charges and other fees associated with other paid-for diets. Also, the information is all over the Internet at your disposal.

4 most common Military Service Rings

Military service rings are a great way to show your pride and honor in what you do. It shows that these military members in this country that a country is strong, safe and secure These rings will not only provide the military career of a member but can also become a treasure for future generations.

Army rings
A very popular lineup in military rings is the army band because this episode can be adapted with almost all branches of the army. Current campaigns in which the army participates can be represented by images and tags available within the specified range. Returning to previous conflicts, such as World War I and World War II, codes and texts are available to customize these military service rings.

Air Force Rings
This very competent Department of the Armed Forces is a group of well-trained men and women who fly today on the fastest and most expensive aircraft in the world. They have played a decisive role in overcoming tyrants in this century and in the past. Aircraft flying from bases in the United States and air bases in host countries around the world.

Navy Service Rings
Guarding the Oceans and Seas of the World and Staying Away from Family and Friends For more than six months or more it has a large selection of military rings for all Navy personnel to choose from

Marine Corps Service Rings
A tough and well-trained group of men, which are the backbone of any army and in the middle of the battle, wherever they are. The trained men are able to survive for weeks, based on the basic needs of people and continue to do their job. A collection of pictures and decals in the field of military rings will allow you to create a perfect naval loop.

Military service rings can be ordered online and do not take much time. However, before you order, you need to consider some things, such as the precious metal type you want to make a ring with, or the logos or badges you want to be engraved on them if you want to get semi-precious stones on top. All these decisions will ensure that the ring you requested is for you. There will always be some history on the circuit.

Overview Concerning Military Watches

In early days, military watches were manufactured for military purposes. Currently, these type of watches are worn by almost everyone.

Benefits of Purchasing a Military Watch

Military Watches have Unique Features
These features include; the water resistance, LED reverse lights and night vision. These features help people to know the time at any given moment.

Military Watches are Long Lasting
These types of watches are resistant to water which means that they can be immersed in water without developing issues. They also withstand much impact the other watches cannot endure.

Things You Need to Know Before You Purchase One

Brand Name

There are several brand names which manufacture military watches. The brand of the watch determines its durability. Therefore, you have to consider the best brand by comparing several brands concerning the longevity of their watches. You should purchase your military watch from that strong specific brand.

The Authenticity

Since now the military watches can be worn by anyone, the demand has increased. The counterfeit has also flooded the market. Thus, you need to consider its authenticity. The price would help because the cost of the original watch would be sold within a certain price range. Any military watch cheaper than that, it is counterfeit.

The Style
The military watches come in different styles. People choose style differently. Thus, you need to consider your style before you get one for yourself.

The Price
These type of watches are costly. You need to have a budget for the amount you can spend. You should look for the military watch that you can afford.

Myths Concerning Military Watches

People think that these type of watches are for men who are in the military only. It is a myth because nowadays people are rocking these stylish, durable watches. For example, the people in the sports industry love these watches. Again, you can find women rocking these timeless pieces.

People believe that the more expensive the military watch is the more quality it has. This is a myth because you can find military watches which are of high quality and durable which cost reasonably.