6 Characteristics of a Great Alarm System

  • Remote access from anywhere in the world.

Great alarm systems according to alarm monitoring Houston experts, should offer perfect informational awareness regardless of your physical distance. This will allow you to arm your house in case a family member leaves without arming the system. You should also be able to disarm the system in case you need to give a trusted neighbor access to your home. Remote access is also very useful if connected with a motion sensitive camera that informs you if someone is trying to enter your home. If the person appears hostile then you should be able to contact relevant authorities before they can do any damage.

  • Uninterrupted power supply.

All alarm systems worth their salt should have the ability to remain active even if there is a power outage in the area. Some criminal have been known to cut power access to homes so as to turn off the alarm system, but if there is a power back up then this strategy will obviously fail. Great alarm systems can stay active for at least a month without power and should automatically activate without a single moment’s delay.

  • An IP rating of 68 or higher.

IP rating measures how well alarm systems can withstand the effects of environmental factors arround. If for example it rains and this blurs the view of your camera or short circuits the equipment, then a low IP rating is given for inefficiency. Fingerprint scanners that become unusable due to dust or motion sensitive cameras that cannot differentiate between a cat and human all result in a low IP rating.

  • Corporate monitoring services.

A good alarm system should have good monitoring systems in place especially in manpower. If there is suspicious behavior in your home then someone from the company should analyze the data and dispatch private security to investigate further. This will put you as the home or business owner at ease because you don’t have to constantly check every alert yourself.

  • Customized security functions for your property.

Alarm systems come with various wildly different functions depending on where your property is located, the size of the property, the type of building and who will be regularly accessing the system. An alarm system for company warehouses or major office buildings is very complex and has features that are geared towards certain concerns. A complex system may be too difficult for a child in your home and will be unnecessarily expensive.

  • High reliability, efficiency and ease of use.

A good system is easy to use so that you do not have to waste time everyday going through unnecessary complexities. Fingerprint readings or eye scans are very effective and provide quick access to your home. If you have a concern with the system it should be easy to call the company and have them resolve your issue as quickly as possible. In case you forget your keypad pin then the security company should ask security questions to verify it is you.

The system should also have long staying power so that the parts do not easily break and require regular replacement or repair. You should also be able to trust the cyber security of your company because hackers have been known to hack security data from the databases of security companies and selling this data on the black market. This could expose your location and security pins to criminals.
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