Children’s Bulletproof backpacks, an Increasing Need

Sadly, school shootings are a living nightmare for children, parents, and teachers, and unfortunately, it’s a scenario that is becoming more common every day. The national consciousness keeps in memory all the tragedies that have happened and, amazingly, they have increased since Columbine.
Schools have decided to implement different security measures specialized in this kind of dreaded scenario like drills, preparing safety plans, and hiring armed guards. This because there have been almost 300 murders inside schools since the start of the 21st century until this year, 2020. All these terrible actions have happened at all academic levels, from elementary schools as in universities.
Everything said above is the reason why having a bulletproof backpack has become an innovative idea. Children’s bulletproof backpacks are positioning themselves as a need for back to school. You can even find them on some websites under the searching of a “bullet-resistant Backpack armor .” Recently, the consumption of these backpacks have increased as the shooting at school seems to rise.

A concerned parent, as much as he wanted, can’t prevent a shooting at his child’s school, nor even foresee it. One might think of home-school education, but this idea might not be the best for the kid since it wouldn’t have the possibility of social development. Also, many parents could see this idea as impossible due to their work. So, what’s the best thing you could do as a parent? Teach your kid ways of survival, so you can send him to school prepared, and with the greatest protection, you can, like with a children’s bulletproof backpack.

These backpacks might be a product of marketing, as some may think, but they could as well save someone’s life when they need it the most. This backpacks, after all, are not only for students, but as well for teachers. Everyone’s life is at stake when shootings start. Children’s bulletproof backpack is a simple but effective way of protecting lives