Everything you need to know about baby eagle holsters

What is a baby eagle holster? Baby hah! Let the name not fool you. This name is merely a nickname for the Desert Eagle Pistol, A sophisticated piece that demands competency for use.

Baby eagle holsters are accessories use to hold handguns in position through restricting undesired movement. They are attached to the waistband, belt, or any other piece of clothing that will provide ease of access if needed.

What was behind the design of baby eagle holsters? (different from the Jericho holsters) The design of the holster is made with comfort in mind. How do you ask? Well, the materials used are designed to function in cohesion with the body. Research has provided the ability to develop a holster that can change its form with ease on the body. For instance, the cloak Mod OWB paddle holster can easily be changed from a paddle holster to a belt slide holster

They are made using ballistic nylon which reinforces their durability, spring steel which offers support on the body and leather, which means that it’s going to fit your body the more you wear it.

Ammunition storage capacity

Baby Eagle Holsters come mostly in single and double magazines which can fit into any holster. This will help save on extra cost. What are some of the benefits of using the baby eagle holsters?

  1. As mentioned earlier, their design is for comfort. They, therefore, will not be an irritant when carried along.
  2. They are very discreet. Their small size allows for anonymity when carried.
  3. They have room to carry at least two magazines. This saves on cost and proves reliability.
  4. They can fit in various parts of the body. Therefore, they can be carried around in any mode of dressing as long as there is a piece of clothing for attachment.
  5. Their design allows for ease of access as well as perfect weapon retention.

How cost effective are baby eagle holsters?

First, cheap is expensive. There are things in life that you cannot afford to go cheap on. When it comes to holsters, it is a requirement that you go for the best leather. Something that will work for you with loyalty. Take into consideration how often you will need to carry the gun. If often, then you will need to use leather that does not wear off quickly.

Take into consideration your body. Cheap leather is often fake. Holsters are most often in contact with the body. Having artificial leather might cause irritation, which adds unnecessary medical expenses.
Most important is that artificial leather/cheap holsters are not easy to conceal. They are also not reliable and can lead to unintended discharge, which is dangerous.