Things you did not know about cars’ vision

Even with the introduction of Machine vision and LiDAR CMOS laser technology, rarely did anyone expect the following will happen in the result of applying such knowledge.
• Systems to mitigate collision: The use of LiDAR knowledge has helped create complicated systems that inspect for near objects. The car warns with hazard lights and automatically changes the speed.
• Car sensors: LiDAR gives the car feature that senses the space the owner wants to park or drive through. As well there are cameras linked to display everything on the dashboard, including persons passing behind.
• GPS-controlled gear change: The advanced technology offers specifications to sense topography of the driving region then the car adjust gears appropriately.
• Alert system when extremely tired: If your car detects, using cabin sensors like itof sensor, inappropriate head movements, it flashes and produces loud sounds to warn of possible drowsiness.
• Lane control system: LiDAR knowledge helps the driver keep in the middle of the lane by alerting whenever you drive near the white line.